Economic and Educational Aspects of Modern Business


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European Oil & Gas

Markets & their messages

Virtual Currencies

Cyprus Real Estate

Fracking: An Overview



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Summer 2013 Issue

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→Interview: Anthony Livanios

→European Oil & Gas

→Finance & Growth

→Internal Audit Service

→Markets are sending messages

→Virtual Currencies & Money Laundering

→Exit Strategies

→Cyprus Real Estate

→Importance of property rights

→Fracking: An Overview


→Interview: Dr Theodore Panayiotou

→Root causes of currency wars

→Cyprus, the day after

→The death of direct bank (re)capitalisation

→How long is the long run?

→We may have avoided the cliffs, but we face high mountains

→Financial imbalances and cycles

→The South Korea financial crisis: Lessons for Cyprus

→Dollar matters

→Internal Audit in the Public Sector

→Update on the Cyprus real estate market

→Valuing Potential Strategic Partnerships

→Defencive or offencive attitudes?

→Hong Kong IPO Market

→Leveraging technology to maximise profitablity


→Interview: Presidency Special

→What's the use of Economics?

→Five years with the Euro

→Patenting of life-saving drugs

→Necessity of Internal Audit

→Cyprus Recruitment Overview

→Searching for Growth in Austerity

→Banks: Why they are not allowed to fall

→Fiscal Discipline within the Union

→Slaughter the chicken and eat the eggs...

→Capital Gains taxation and cost of capital

→New Era, New Rules

→The next productivity revolution

→Business Continuity


→Interview: Solon Kassinis

→Oil & Gas in the East Med

→The US Example

→Cyprus: The Government, the Troika and the Industry

→Income Tax and Labour Supply

→Banking Union in the EU

→Facebook: Friends, Fantasy, Fraud and the Future

→In a Market Battle, More Money Wins

→Competition in the Natural Gas Industry

→Cyprus in the Financial Crisis

→The Case for Deficit Monetisation

→Software Asset Management

→How big is the Shortfall between Loans and House Prices?

→What to look out when Seeking Investment

→Top Marketing and Advertising Ideas


→Interview: Andreas D. Mavroyiannis

→Troika in Cyprus: 3 Pillars of Action

→Principles of Hospitality Management

→Saving Private Euro: What if Spain falls

→The Austerity Trap

→Hume on Hold?

→Jobs for Everyone

→Wasted Youth

→Greek Default: Terror Scenarios

→Long-term Care Insurance Incompleteness

→The Internal Audit in Local Government

→Transfer Pricing

→Value gone out the window: Liquidity is the key

→Geo-arbitrage Rocks!

→Energy Liberalisation: Effects on EU Consumers

→Must-have technology for 2012

→IT: Towards an Effective and Transparent Public Administration


→Interview: Makis Keravnos

→Economic Graduates: Fit for Purpose?

→Higher Education: Should it be Free?

→The Return of Schools of Thought in Macroeconomics

→Bad Banks: Are They the Solution?

→Cash Flow: The Importance of Understanding it

→Credit Rating Agencies: How They Work

→Redistribution of Wealth Within the Context of an Unfair Economic Model

→The National 'Golden Rule'

→A New Era for Global Financial Standards

→The Trap of Austerity

→Signs of a Bubble: Lessons from the Crisis

→Making Money on Volatile Markets

→5 Ways to Survive the Crisis

→Cloud Computing: Defined

→Top Business Ideas for 2012

→Network Infrastructure tips


→Interview: Michael Kammas

→The Deadly Spiral of Revenue Crunch

→IT Audit in the Public Sector

→Euro Hostage: When the Child Captures his Parents

→EU Governments vs Global Markets and Germany

→Immigration & Diaspora: Two sided coin

→Cypriot Citizenship: Changing the Rules

→The Tentacles of Accounting Regulation Spread to SMEs

→Solvency II: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

→Cyprus as a Based for Islamic Finance

→Why is The Neighbour's House Better Than Yours, But Your House More Expensive?

→Banking in Cyprus: Exposed

→Managing Software as Your Corporate Asset

→What to Ask From Your IT Company

→Finding Creative Ways to Manage the Market Uncertainty

→Greek Rich List's Wealthiest in the UK


→Interview: Manthos Mavrommatis

→Hotel Organisational Culture

→Detection and Combating of Fraud

→Emerging Economies: Leading the World out of the Crisis

→Wanted: World Financial Stability

→Facing the Credit Rating Agencies

→€347b to Fund Cohesion within EU

→Accounting Regulation: Curse or Cure?

→Major Developments in the Real Estate Market

→Cyprus Real Estate Market Review

→Undergound Economy: Hidden in the Dark

→Greece Time Zero: A Rescue That Makes Sense

→Big Mac Index: As Simple as it Gets

→Gold and the Swiss Franc: A Shift to Certainty

→Short Selling: Good or Bad?

→Private Equity: Why is it so Successful?

→Local Server vs. Cloud Server

→The Marketing Expert: The Ueshima Coffee Shops Example


→Interview: Miltos Kambourides

→Understanding Risk, or Maybe Not...

→Changing Democraphics and the Economy

→Punish the Corrupt

→Cypriot Citizenship: A Gift for Foreign Investors

→Europe: You Got it Wrong

→Oil Supply Shock: The Cost of Fear

→Value Investing: An Art for Few

→Intellectual Property: An Uprising Asset Class


→Interview: Michael Sarris

→Final Salary vs Money Purchase Pension Schemes: A Shift to Certainty

→Banking Reform: Is Islamic Banking the Answer?

→Political Risk: From a Footnote in Risk Assessments to Global Media Frontlines

→Solvency II: An Introduction

→Greek Debt Crisis: Is Greece the New Iceland?

→Angel Investing: An Alternative Source of Funds in the Modern Business Environment

→BRICs: The Path to the Future

→Virtuality: The New Era for Modern Businesses


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